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Sep 29, 2020
2020-09-29 Updates

  • Added Clan System.
  • Added War of Crystals please see mechanics in forums.
  • Fix HD Elu/Ori when refining destroys the item.
  • Reborn is now up to 1000.

Aug 29, 2020
2020-08-29 Updates

  • Fix Evasion Scroll not showing icon.
  • Remove Body Relocation in WOE Castles Waffle Original.
  • Fix Voracious, Emperor Title does not nullify Support Skills (Tarot, Dispell)
  • Change Severe Rainstorm now usable with Instrument and Whips.
  • Executioner Card is now enabled everywhere.

Aug 23, 2020
2020-08-23 Updates

  • Fix Undead Scroll not showing icon, Change resistance to Undead.
  • Fix Concentration Scroll not showing icon,
  • Fix MVP Scrolls not usable/stackable to prevent bug in status getting negative. (MVP Scrolls shouldn't stacked from the start since it is an Item Script only)
  • Update Guards to catch players with no Super Player Title equipped.
  • Warm Wind is now usable in WoE.
  • Remove Aura of MVPs, and skull icon.

Aug 14, 2020
2020-08-14 Updates

  • Limit stats to 255 in Classic.
  • Fix Mentoring Titles not giving stats.
  • Update WOE Time now to 8pm-9pm.
  • Update Half Hollow Mask Atk/Matk+5%.

Aug 11, 2020
2020-08-10 Updates

  •  Added Mentoring System
  • Added New Refine UI
  • Retain Job levels when changing job at Reborn 150 up.
  • Fix Emergency Scroll affected by Dispell.
  • Fix ET cooldown.

Jun 28, 2020
2020-06-28 Updates

  • Change max flee to 4k.
  • Move Marketplace and NPC back to Alberta.
  • Some script and server enhancements to make it faster.
  • Remove  @afk command in LMS, and MVP Warper.

About WaffleRO - Ragnarok Online

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Transcendental Classes

Lord Knights are the Transcendent variants of Knights. The Lord Knights skills are a good balance of offense and defense. The Lord Knight is now a master of weapons with a special affinity for Two-handed Swords and Spears. A Lord Knight has formidable attack strength and can crush an opponents defense with ease. Being a Lord Knight, they gain vastly improved offensive capabilities and some defensive capabilities. They easily retain their status as the class with the highest HP Modifier and strongest physical AoE damage dealer.

  • Lord Knight
  • Paladin
  • High Wizard
  • Professor
  • Sniper
  • Clown / Gypsy
  • Whitesmith
  • Creator
  • Assassin Cross
  • Stalker
  • High Priest
  • Champion
  • Star Gladiator
  • Soul Linker
  • Ninja
  • Gunslinger