Terms of Service

Please read before creating an account!

You are hearby to read the rules and the license agreement with the server.

Please obey the following rules below. By doing so, we can keep the game fun and enjoyable for everyone. Anyone caught breaking the rules will be punished by a GM under his/her discretion.

In-Game Rules:
-No botting, hacking or any use of a third party program.
-You must only use the official waffle ro client to play the game.
-Do not open a vend or chat within near the NPC.
-Exploiting bugs that result in the gain of large quantities of zeny, iems, or disrupting the server will result in a ban. if you found so, please report it immediately as it is for the good of the server and the players.
-Do not pretend to be a Game Master. Do not name yourself like them.
-Do not attempt to trade things within waffle ro for things outside. This includes real money, items/accounts of other servers/games, etc.
-If someone offers to trade you for things outside the server. please report those players that traded you immediately.
-Do not advertise other servers or drag other players if you don't like the game.

GM Relations:
-GMs will never ask for your items or password in game. However, you may need to provide code confirmation if you have some rewards or pendings.
-GMs will never give away any zeny, items, leech, or tank players.
-Respect all GMs.
-Do not spam messages to GMs.
-Do not ask to be a GM.
-GMs reserve the right to ban/mute/jail for rule violations without warning.
-GMs will never give refund for any items missing either from server interruptions/lose in pk.
We may give compensations if deemed justifiable.

Player Relations:
-Respect all players. No harassment or discrimination is allowed. Serious offenses such as racial discrimination or sexual harassment may result to ban of your account.
-No trashtalking/vulgar language/spamming of messages in towns.
-Please speak english so that others can understand.
-In case some players are harassing you. Please take screenshots and report them immediately so that they will be dealt with proper sanctions.
-Do not scam or hack other player's items and stuffs.
-Do not swear or threaten other players, since this is a pk server please enjoy your time with them and have fun with it.

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